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Experience with our videos and tutorials how easy smallinvoice works! Our invoice software can also be easily used without any accounting skills.

How do I write an invoice with smallinvoice? - it works as easy as that

With smallinvoice, invoices can be created online within seconds and without any prior knowledge. In this video we show how you can create an invoice with a few clicks and adapt it to your specific needs. You will also learn how text blocks work and how different payment options can be added. We will also show you how to send invoices by post or email and explain how you can configure dunning cycles.

Video tutorial: The home module of the invoice software smallinvoice

Home-Module: Manage your Company, Users and Integrations

In this video we show how to customise the dashboard to your needs, change your plan or top up your credit. Furthermore, the Home module also enables you to manage the roles of your users, customise company details, set up your notifications and configure various integrations.

Video tutorial: Create and manage documents like invoices, offers, order confirmations and delivery notes

Manage your Income

In this video, learn how invoices, offers, order confirmations or delivery notes are created and managed. We also show how the catalogue works and which options are available for data import and export. You will also learn how to use text blocks, free texts and your own custom fields.

Video tutorial: Record and manage expenses and receipts

Manage your Expenses

In this video we explain how expenses are managed and receipts are scanned with in order to prepare them for further processing. You will also learn how to create payment instructions for your e-banking and how the account reconciliation feature helps you to keep track of your expenses.

Video tutorial: Managing and billing projects and working hours

Module: Projects & Times

In this video you will learn how projects are created and how expenses and materials can then be booked and invoiced. We also explain the time tracking feature, how work- and customer-reports are created and what options exist for controlling the target working hours of your employees.

Video tutorial: Add contacts and manage them in the CRM

Module: Contacts

In this video we show how our CRM works. Besides adding and managing contacts, you will also learn how to create reminders (e.g. for birthdays). We also show you how to define customer-specific discounts and what other interesting features this module has to offer.

Video tutorial: Accounting export with smallinvoice

Module: Accounting

In this video you will learn, how easy it is to transfer data to your accounting solution via our online accounting module. We explain, how to carry out accounting exports, how your fiduciary is invited and which additional benefits smallinvoice offers for you and your fiduciary.

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