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Free invoice software: Write invoices, reminders and offers online, manage expenses and much more!

Create Swiss QR invoices easily

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Perfect for SMEs, startups and freelancers - The invoice software at a glance

With our invoice software you can create and send documents such as invoices, reminders and offers online – for free! Write your invoices in seconds - select a customer, add a product or service and send your invoice with just one click!

You can see at a glance which invoices are open, paid or overdue. With the individual dunning runs from smallinvoice, payment reminders and dunning notices can also be sent fully automatically!

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Free invoice software for correct invoices

Professional invoices with your own layout and design

Whether colours, fonts or company logo - the invoice layout can be adapted according to your individual requirements. With the free invoice software from smallinvoice, professional and legally compliant invoices are created in just a few clicks and sent via email or directly by post.

Of course, Swiss QR-Bills can also be created easily with and without QR reference - so your customers can pay their invoices easily and conveniently!

With smallinvoice everything in one bundle - No more paper chaos!!

Next to invoicing, smallinvoice offers many additional handy features for your business administration. In the contact module you can manage customers and suppliers. The integrated project module enables you to book working hours and materials to projects that then can be directly invoiced. With the expenses module you also have your expenses under control at any time.

Free invoice software for your business administrationn

The most exciting features for you

Easy payment thanks to Swiss QR-Bills

Secure and convenient payment for your customers

    smallinvoice offers Swiss QR bills as a payment option free of charge. QR bills can be created with or without a QR reference by the click of a button. Thanks to the fast and easy payment process, more customers pay on time!
Easily manage reminders and working hours recording

Automatic reminders and dunning notices

    As soon as an invoice is not paid on time, it is flagged as overdue. You can determine yourself after which period reminders or dunning notices should be sent automatically. This way you save a lot of time and still have everything under control!
Send invoices via mail or email

Easy distribution with just a click

    With our free invoice software, invoices can be sent with one click via email or by post. Of course you can also download your invoices as PDF. In any case, with smallinvoice you save yourself the tiresome printing and enveloping!

Why smallinvoice?

Free of charge for an unlimited time

smallinvoice offers a simple and free invoice software. With our free plan you can invoice up to CHF 70'000. If you need other functions besides the simple invoicing, you can switch to a paid plan at any time.

Can be used without accounting knowledge

Smallinvoice has been developed especially for SMEs, startups and freelancers and is easy and straightforward to use. With our invoice software you can create accurate and legally compliant invoices in seconds without any previous knowledge!

All Data Remains in Switzerland

With smallinvoice, your data is processed only in Switzerland and protected by 256-bit encryption. Our strict security measures ensure the protection of your sensitive information.

Save time and resouces

Creating documents such as invoices or reminders can be a very time consuming. Thanks to the automated processes of smallinvoice your business administration runs almost by itself! Invest your time and resources into your core business and not into annoying paperwork!

Start now for free

Start now and create your first invoice in less than 1 minute. As soon as you need more functions besides the invoice creation you can always switch to the appropriate plan.

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