Create Swiss invoices online with just a few clicks

Create invoices online with smallinvoice – incl. automated dunning system

Create invoices and reminders online – easy & fast

With smallinvoice you create professional and legally compliant invoices with QR-Bill payment slips in seconds. Thanks to our automated processes, contact, product and service data are automatically added to the invoice - saving you the tedious typing.

If your customers don't pay on time, an automatic dunning run is started and with just a few clicks, payment reminders and dunning letters are created and sent!

Create legally compliant invoices online

How do I write a correct Swiss invoice?

For an invoice to be accepted, it must comply with the legal requirements. With smallinvoice, all mandatory information is included in the invoice automatically. This way you will never forget important information or make any annoying typing errors again.

  1. Full name and address of your company (service provider)
  2. Your VAT number (if liable for VAT)
  3. Name and place of the customer
  4. Performance period (if this is not the same as the invoice date)
  5. Name or description of the product or service
    Ensure that the product description is clear and easy to understand. Using the catalog of smallinvoice you can record your products and services once and then automatically use them for all invoices
  6. Price of the product or service
  7. Specification of the applied VAT rate

Professional invoices in your custom layout

A professional corporate identity requires a unique design. This is why smallinvoice offers you lot of customization options. Next to the logo you can also customize the content and position of most elements in your layout. When creating an invoice your layout will automatically be filled with all relevant information such as dates, texts and recipient information. This way, smallinvoice makes creating invoices as easy as possible so you can focus on your day-to-day business.

Personalised invoices with custom layout
Business software for end-to-end company administration

Manage your business with smallinvoice

With smallinvoice you can not only create invoices but also create many other documents such as offers, order confirmations or delivery notes. Our business software provides you the perfect solution for your entire business administration. Among other things, smallinvoice offers an integrated expense management system with receipt recording, a time tracking solution as well as project management module. Thanks to the accounting exports to INFONIQA ONE 50, Banana and Topal, our invoice solution is optimally suited for collaboration with your fiduciary.

The most exciting features for you

Easily send invoices via post or email

Send Invoices via Email or Post in just a few Clicks

    Not only can you create invoices online within seconds, but you can also have them directly sent by post or email with just one click. This way you avoid the trouble of printing, packing, franking and posting. Of course, you can also download your invoices to send them manually.
Product- and service catalogue

Service- and Product Catalog

    Populate the catalogue once with your products and services and save yourself the hassle of typing the data when creating the invoice! When creating an invoice smallinvoice will automatically copy all important data such as price, product description or VAT rates from your catalog.
Create and send dunning letters online

Automatically Create Reminders

    Payment reminders and dunning letters can be created and sent online with just a few clicks. Even fully automated thanks to the invoice workflow! In addition to the payment deadlines also delivery via email or as postal letter can be fully automated using the invoice workflow.

Why smallinvoice?

Digitalised business administration

With smallinvoice, you have all relevant business information available at any time. All documents such as invoices, reminders, receipts and delivery notes are in one place and perfectly organized.

More time for your core business

Thanks to the automated processes of our invoicing tool, you will reduce your time spent on invoices etc. tremendously - even without any previous invoicing knowhow!

Various Integration Options

Besides a wide range of import and export options, smallinvoice also offers an integration to the online letter service Pingen. So you can send your documents directly via smallinvoice as a letter by post.

All data remains in Switzerland

Data transfers from smallinvoice are secured using 256-bit encryption. Our invoice software strictly adheres the GDPR and is therefore also suited for customer data from the EU.

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