Field guide

The following fields are available in a receipt object

idint43Receipt id
numberstring4633Your receipt number
client_idint1Client's id
client_namestringJane DoeName of client
client_address_idint1Client's address id
client_contact_idint0Client's contact id
currencystringEURThree-letter currency code
titlestringMy new receiptTitle of the receipt
datedate2012-03-25Date of receipt
introductionstringtextIntroduction text printed above positions
conditionsstringtextText printed below positions
languagestringdeTwo-letter language code
vat_includedint1If VAT is included in positions' prices
totalamountfloat140.15Total sum of all positions
statusint7See Status Types
pagesint2Number of pages
positionscollectionCollection of Position Objects

Example content of data variable:

            "client_name":"John Doe",
            "title":"Lieferschein Nr. {LIEFERSCHEINNR} \/ Kunden Nr. {KUNDENNR}",
                    "name":"Position X",
                    "description":"Repairing car",
                    "name":"Position Y",
                    "description":"Cleaning house",


StatusMeaning of status
1Sent / Open